Why you should choose a Canadian company for Canadian compliance in Ontario

Starting a cannabis dispensary in Ontario?  Here are 6 reasons why you should choose Greenline POS, a company built by Canadians for Canadians.

1) Greenline POS is specifically designed for use in Canadian provinces

Cannabis compliance systems have different rules in Canada and America. You should never be bogged down by bloated features designed for the American market. Canadian and American cannabis retail compliance is very different, resulting in redundant and unnecessary functions for Canadian users if they choose a system built for the USA.

The greatest strength of Greenline POS is our razor sharp focus on Canadian compliance. Our system is tailored for Canadian provinces and we do not do any business outside the country.

2) With Greenline POS, PCI certification is provided by the most trusted processors

PCI is short for PCI DSS, and stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI certification is required for credit and debit processing companies to verify that transactions happen securely and that all client payment info is safe. With powerhouse providers like Moneris and Merrco working with Greenline, you can be confident that your customer’s payment info is fully encrypted and 100% secured.

3) Total inventory management and tracking, live and accurate to the minute

One of the most attractive features of Greenline is our master inventory view and total inventory logs. With this setup, you can record and track every movement of cash and inventory throughout your business no matter how many inventory locations you have company-wide.

Inventory logs on Greenline will track:

    • Which product was moved
    • Timestamp of each movement to the minute
    • Type of movement (sale, purchase order, returns, waste destruction, etc.)
    • Quantity moved (including starting and ending amounts)
    • Employee responsible
    • Location(s) of movement
  • All additional notes (eg. mould, broken packaging, loss, theft, etc.)

4) One-click Ontario compliance reports

Greenline provides one-click compliance report generation for the AGLC in Alberta, SLGA in Saskatchewan, LGCA in Manitoba, and LDB in British Columbia plus NLCB in Nunavut and NTLCC in NWT. We now provide the same level of service for Ontario (AGCO) to make monthly cannabis retail compliance reporting quick and easy. Why spend 3 to 4 business days manually creating a spreadsheet report when your POS system should generate it in under a second?

5) Automated Federal and Provincial compliance locks

To make daily store operations smoother, Greenline removes any possibility of jeopardizing your cannabis retail licence with automated compliance checks. For example, when you add more than 30 grams of cannabis items into a cart, the sale button will be blocked to prevent breaking federal possession and sale limits. Other automated compliance functions include warnings when employees attempt to add customers under the legal age to purchase cannabis.

6) Secure, lifetime record keeping accessible anytime you want

Although Ontario has specified that you must keep retail records of sales and employees for at least three years, Greenline offers no time limit on how long records are kept. With daily backups to secure servers located in Canada, Greenline can pull up any data from anytime whenever you request it. Data security is of utmost importance to us, and that’s why Greenline uses Canadian servers exclusively to ensure none of your data crosses the border into the USA. Greenline does not monetize customer data. 

Looking for more info on Greenline POS? Check out our article: A breakdown of Ontario compliance reporting here.

You can also take a look at our features, book a demo session or free one-hour consultation with our cannabis retail experts today! We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.