Building a cannabis retail business means building a community

cannabis community embraced by Greenline POS

In many ways, cannabis is like toothpaste. Customers will use it regularly in their daily life and many find it to be a daily necessity.

You want those customers to choose your shop over and over again, and that means building relationships with your clients and fostering a sense of community.

Here are 5 tips to help you grab customer attention and keep them coming back to your store.

Cannabis retail community

1- Start with your brand

Your brand is what people say about your business when you’re not around.

It’s not just about marketing. Branding is also customer service, the quality of your products, and most importantly your mission statement; it’s what your business represents.

You want your customers to think about you when they think about cannabis and the best way to achieve that is by polishing your customer service, product quality, mission statement, and using marketing to make these qualities known in your community.


2- Learn who your customers are

Take advantage of your point of sale and start keeping track of your customer’s purchasing patterns and preferences. Have your employees engage the customers with questions about their cannabis use and choices. Learn and record what your customers like, why they purchase those items and note when they purchase regularly.

With this information readily available on your point of sale for your employees, you can tailor the client’s cannabis purchasing experience into a highly intimate event that can establish strong bonds between your budtenders and customers. And as a result, this intimacy will boost your brand image and create loyal lifetime customers.

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3 – Loyalty program – Give back

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Let your customers know how much you value their continued patronage by applying for a loyalty rewards program. The simplest style of a loyalty program could be giving clients store credit on purchases. Your point of sale system should have support for in-store credit and easily track and apply to customer carts at checkout.

Example: For every $100 spent, a customer would receive $1 as in-store credit. You could even adjust the amount of credit received for veterans, medical card holders, seniors, etc. This personalization of the loyalty system can really provide a heightened sense of appreciation for your customers and make them feel special.

Stamp cards also have a real appeal as your customers can actually hold to visibly see and feel their continual purchases build up to a prize. For example, think of McDonald coffee stickers and the payoff of a free drink at the end.

Everyone loves free, everyone loves to win, and most importantly everyone loves to feel appreciated. Show your customers appreciation and they will continue to come back, becoming members of your community.


4- Give back to the neighbourhood

As much as we want customers to come from far and wide, the majority will come from a 2-5 kilometer area around your retail location. Focus on your area and find local/community non-profit programs you could take part in. How can you give back to the neighbourhood? Examples can include supporting a community center program or any public program such as community gardens, book sales, etc.


5- Host community events

A great method to draw cannabis users to you and bring your community together is by sponsoring or hosting cannabis centric events. These can be social in nature like the Trees Dispensary 420 events, for consumer education like the Sunrise Wellness info sessions, for networking opportunities like the High Canada Magazine events, or business development sessions like the Leaf Forward cannabis meetups.

These five tips will help you create and grow your own local cannabis family. Show your community love and they will care for you as well. Never underestimate the impact your neighbourhood has on your cannabis retail business.


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