Buddi education platform joins Greenline POS to empower cannabis retailers

Greenline POS partnership with Buddi

Greenline POS can now sync with Buddi’s tablet application to provide customer cannabis education and retail order ahead services

2018 – Vancouver, BC – Greenline POS and Buddi announce an integration partnership to provide educational applications and customer service tools for cannabis retailers. Product information sharing between GreenlinePOS and Buddi will supply cannabis retailers powerful tools to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Buddi’s interactive tablet application supports self-serve creation of customer shopping carts for final processing on Greenline POS in order to make checkouts faster and more efficient for cannabis retailers. This application also educates new clients on cannabis strains, allowing customers to make informed decisions on their purchases.

The customer CRM platform provided by Buddi will integrate seamlessly with GreenlinePOS client database and sales history, allowing retailer’s data to provide automated product recommendations for customers based on historical sales and product ratings. The GreenlinePOS integration with Buddi also increases the actionable value of business intelligence collected during daily operations, giving store owners more ways to impress and retain customers.


Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point of sale and inventory management solutions specific to the context of Canada. Designed to service the Canadian cannabis industry, Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide their clients the most robust and intuitive inventory management and point of sales systems for retail and online cannabis sales.

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Buddi (Clearleaf INC.) is a Canadian-owned and operated company that specializes in cannabis retail software for interactive digital shopping, self-serve kiosks, CRM, & producer software for digital asset management and customer intelligence. Buddi’s mission is to provide its customers with digital solutions to deliver exception customer service, understand customers better, reduce operational expenditures, and better manage digital assets.

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