What is batch tracking and what does it mean for your cannabis retail store

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Batch tracking is the way Cannabis inventory will be controlled by regulators.

Each cannabis batch corresponds to one specific location, where the cannabis plant that is going to be consumed was grown.

Here is an example of batch tracking. (Not the way it will be actually tracked, just to give you an idea)

Lets say Purple Kush – product #459, was grown at a facility in Chilliwack – location #CH54, on row #58 and this package comes from plant #76YU7, this plant was harvested on 080219 and it was tested at facility #8765 and the 1/8 bag that you’re purchasing is the 58th bag packaged from this batch.

The label on the package of 1/8th of purple kush might look like this. 459CH545876YU7080219876558

The barcode will provide all of the information above and when it is sold to a consumer it will track who received the above product.

Benefits of batch tracking

#1 – if for any reason the user gets sick or does not respond well to the product, it can be traced back to the source to see what happened and keep control

#2 – if a product is compromised; batch tracking will provide the info on who has purchased it in case of a recall as well as removing it from your own inventory

#3 – Batch tracking will provide which nutrients were used and who touched the product. All the history

#4 – Track your incoming products by when they’re received and by their expiry dates to reduce spoilage and having to discount short-dated stock

#5 – Keep up with traceability requirements from regulators. In other words stay compliant and keep everyone happy with your business standings.

How to handle batch tracking

In order to track your product by batches you will need a point of sale that has this functionality. When you add product into your inventory location through the barcodes provided by licensed producers you will be able to automatically control the product and have all regulatory reporting done for you.

We at Greenline believe that our software should automate all of this work and we have worked hard to ensure that not only is the process automated but also easy to use.

If you have detailed questions about batch tracking contact us. We’re always here to help.

Team Greenline