Announcing: Greenline payments powered by Worldpay

POSTED ON July 25, 2022

Greenline_Worldpay payments

The cannabis industry has matured a lot in the past 4 years, and retailers have come to expect the best value from their payment processors. At Greenline, we’re excited to announce our premier payment processing solution for cannabis retailers: Worldpay.

Reliability and uptime

In a high-volume store, a single hour of downtime could mean losing thousands of dollars in sales. It’s painful seeing a customer who was willing to make a purchase walk out disappointed because your payment processor isn’t working.

When it comes to reliability, bigger is better. Look for large, international payment processing firms with proven track records.

Worldpay is an international leader in payments and supports some of the largest, high-volume retailers in the world. Greenline’s partnership with Worldpay brings this world-class reliability to the legal cannabis retail industry in Canada.

Competitive rates

If you have a high-volume store, a small difference in rates can make a huge difference in your monthly costs. Look for payment processors who can accommodate your needs as a cannabis retailer and offer competitive pricing.

But also, rates aren’t everything; fees must be evaluated as part of your processor selection. Look for hidden fees that are common with smaller, less reliable processors.

Furthermore, ask what incentives your POS system and processors can provide. For a limited time, Greenline with Worldpay can provide retailers in Canada with free terminal rentals, saving you up to $40+ per device each month. For businesses with large store counts, this can be a substantial savings to your bottom line.

Ease of setup and support

Competitive costs are one thing, but retailers will be in for a world of pain if the processor cannot deliver on your day-to-day user experience.

Look for 24/7 support from your payment processor so that they can help when you need it the most. Another great tip is to ensure that your payment processor integrates and works seamlessly with your POS system, this can save you hours of potential headaches.

Greenline + Worldpay

Greenline is one of Canada’s leading cannabis retail POS systems, servicing over 800 stores since legalization. If you’re interested in learning more about Greenline or our exciting collaboration with Worldpay to deliver world-class payments to all cannabis retailers, please schedule a demo with our team.